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Golf Lessons Ashford, Kent, Club Fitting & FlightScope Swing & Shot Analysis in Kent at Ashford Golf Club.

Chris Wood is Head Professional at Ashford Golf club in Kent and is here to help your golf game progress to the next level with tailored golf lessons. We all have aspects of our game we know could be better, we all want to lower our handicaps and become better golfers, Chris can help you achieve this with the right changes made in the right places with golf lessons Kent at our all weather practice facility in Kent, making a real difference to your golf game and your enjoyment of it.


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The introduction of the FlightScope 3D Ball Tracking Radar along with V1 Video analysis software into our golf lessons means we can now measure your golf swing and shot data as accurately as the pro’s, this takes the improvements we can make to your golf game to a whole new level. Available at our all weather facilities for golf lessons Ashford, Kent.

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FlightScope is now being used in all 1 hour golf lessons for an extra assessment of your game.  With the new software and golf technology we are able to customise your clubs to suit your swing, work in more detail over distance control and shot shape, we will now know what spin you impart on the ball and the efficiency of your swing.

For full details please and to book golf lessons check out the FlightScope page.

“With FlightScope used in your golf lessons we can help you understand and ultimately improve every aspect of your golf game.”


With the use of our extensive practice facilities for golf lessons Ashford, Kent we will help improve any particular area of your golf game in question. Golf lessons can be on an individual basis, shared with friends, or in groups.


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